Error when creating new Freedom E SDK Project

When I create a new Freedom E SDK Project using one of the examples, I get the following error during the python virtual environment setup:

unable to execute ‘x86_64-pc-msys-gcc’: No such file or directory
error: command ‘x86_64-pc-msys-gcc’ failed with exit status 1

I assume it wants to run a x86_64 gcc compiler for some python reason but I don’t have that.(?)

If I close the project and IDE then re-open both, the new example project is in my workspace ready to roll. I can build the project successfully, and it works. Maybe the python activity is needed only if the bsp changes? But I am not messing with any of that.

win 7 64
sifive hifive1-revb board
SiFive Eclipse IDE Version:
Latest freedom-e-sdk from git hub

Hi Albert - when you say “Latest freedom-e-sdk from git hub”, are you on the master branch? If so, just note that there is active development on this branch so you may not want to use this for development. I would recommend you use the v201908-branch of freedom-e-sdk with your version of Freedom Studio, which is the default “bundled” version in the SiFive subdirectory. You can select which freedom-e-sdk you use within Freedom Studio by going to the SiFive->Create a Freedom E SDK Project and pointing it to the freedom-e-sdk path you desire (but you may have done this already). Which bsp are you using?

Yes, I used the master branch as an experiment to see what would happen. I will follow your recommendation to use the v201908-branch of freedom-e-sdk. The bsp is what ever the IDE create project from example would use. It is not my goal to mess with the bsp. Thank you for the information about this.