Create prototype for Wireless frequency transmitter using freedom studio

Is it possible to create the AD controller which will help to receive the data from wireless frequency transmitter and send it receiver which is connected with designed Analog to Digital which send the data further to Arduino through I2C communication?
Any suggestions regarding this will be much hepful

It seems that product is positioned somewhere remotely that you want to sense a frequency, and then sends the data via XBee. They recommend this board for Arduino Uno (which the HiFivbe1 is compatible with) and it looks as if the data appears as a serial signal to the UART. You also need to add an XBee module to this board to receive the actual signal from the sensor.

Hi, thanks for the reply this electronic shield will be a great help, also I want to sense the pulse of more than one panels use with Industrial machines and send the signal values to database, is there any best example available through i ll be able to modify and create my own solutions?