HiFive1 and SparkFun Qwiic Shield

I’m looking to connect an SiFive HiFive1 development board, with a SparkFun Qwiic Shield for Arduino.

I figured that with HiFive1 with a 5V jumper settings, I could use HiFive1 Digital pin 18 and 19 as SDA and SCL I2C lines with proper code, and connect on top the SparkFun Qwiic Shield so I get multiple SparkFun Sensors with the Qwiic connectors.

Can this be done? anyone has prior experience with such a setup?

Sure, that should work. Arduino shields do, in general, work as long as they don’t need analogRead() (which the FE310 doesn’t have).

The HiFive1 rev B that is sold now has a hardware I2C. The original HiFive1 doesn’t, but people have done software implementations, for example https://hasanunlu.com/2018/08/27/bit-bang-i2c-demo-for-risc-v-architecture-hifive-1-board/

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Thank you so much for this informative link and prompt reply

But that hardware I2C in the -G002 Guavall (and -G003 Papaya) is not documented, as plenty of people point out on this forum. Thanks for the help.