Clock Speed of U740?

What is the clock speed of U740?

In Q&A at the Linley conference presentation Yunsup Lee said the FU740 on the boards being sold now is 1.4 GHz official, but individual chips might be ok faster.

I don’t know whether that means it boots at 1.4. The old HiFive Unleashed boots at 1.0 GHz and I bet many people leave it at that. Mine seems to run ok at 1.5 but if I work it hard for several hours programs start crashing. It’s fine for months on end at 1.4.


We haven’t released clock speed info yet as far as I know.

Yunsup is talking about the HiFive Unleashed board when he mentioned 1.4GHz. He then says that the Unmatched will be same speed or higher, but does not actually say what the clock speed of the Unmatched is.

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You’re right.

I’m guessing the shuttle run test chips didn’t run as fast as hoped and everyone is waiting for the next batch to see. It’s going to be disappointing, given the pipeline changes, if they can’t do around 2 GHz like the A55s in the Odroid C4 and other similar boards.

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