Can anyone help me about transfer data to system port?

Hi all,
I having an issue with the transfer data to the system port. I writing firmware for the simulator (isa=rv32imafc) but don’t know how can do full access control from Coreplex to AHB bus.

  • Transfer data with burst operation, How can control the burst type (Single transfer burst, Incrementing burst of undefined length, 4-beat wrapping burst, 4-beat incrementing burst,…, 16-beat incrementing burst)?
  • How can transfer data with different HSIZE[2:0] = 'd2 (word), example: HSIZE[2:0] = 'd0 (byte), HSIZE[2:0] = 'd1 (halfword), HSIZE[2:0] = 'd3 (doubleword)…etc.