Building kernel natively on u540

Hi ,

I am trying to replace my existing kernel image which is 5.5.6 built using openembedded-core to the 5.7.2 by building it natively.

i have tried to build the kernel 5.7.2 natively,i was able to build the kernel successfully and in my /boot folder i am able to see vmlinux-5.7.2 but now i want to install this image.
i have followed the following steps to build kernel
$make menuconfig ARCH=riscv64
$make -j4
$make modules_install
$make install

Can someone help me out how i can replace my kernel to 5.5.7 since the the method what i have followed did not worked, i am doing something wrong??
Kindly suggest how i can boot from the other kernel since i am not able to install the kernel with ,$make install and old when i rebooted ny system i am getting the old kernel only.
When i built the kernel on x86 with the $make install i am able to install the new kernel but it doesn’t seems to be same here.
Kindly suggest


On embedded devices, make install for the kernel doesn’t tend to work. You will need to install the kernel and fdt to where u-boot (or what is used as bootloader) can find it, and make sure it loads it, possibly by changing its script.
Without more details it’s not really possible to give detailed advice here.