Building kernel natively on u540

Hi ,

I am trying to replace my existing kernel image which is 5.5.6 built using openembedded-core to the 5.7.2 by building it natively.

i have tried to build the kernel 5.7.2 natively,i was able to build the kernel successfully and in my /boot folder i am able to see vmlinux-5.7.2 but now i want to install this image.
i have followed the following steps to build kernel
$make menuconfig ARCH=riscv64
$make -j4
$make modules_install
$make install

Can someone help me out how i can replace my kernel to 5.5.7 since the the method what i have followed did not worked, i am doing something wrong??
Kindly suggest how i can boot from the other kernel since i am not able to install the kernel with ,$make install and old when i rebooted ny system i am getting the old kernel only.
When i built the kernel on x86 with the $make install i am able to install the new kernel but it doesn’t seems to be same here.
Kindly suggest