Building Image for QEMU sifive_u Machine

Hello Everyone,
Is there any way to build “Sifive U SDK” image to run on QEMU “sifive_u” machine using Yocto SDK. The images that are built using yocto works with only Sifive Unleashed board but not on QEMU sifive_u machine. I was able to run yocto built image “demo-core-cli-qemuriscv64” on QEMU virt machine but i want to test the images on sifive_u machine.

Thanks in Advance

OpenEmbedded supports only the qemuriscv64 and freedom_u540 targets (and a qemuriscv32 target). If you want a new target, you will need to modify openembedded to add it, or maybe try asking openembedded developers to add it for you. You can probably copy the qemuriscv64 target and then modify it to change the qemu options and see what happens. You may also need to change the linux kernel config to use the freedom_u540 one. I don’t know if the sifive_u emulation in qemu is good enough to make this work.

Thank you for the reply.