Build error while running mcs command

While i trying to run the mcs command by following README file I got the error.I installed Vivado Lab edition.
set ipdir [file join $wrkdir ip]

create_project -part $part_fpga -in_memory

ERROR: [Common 17-170] Unknown option ‘-part’, please type ‘create_project -help’ for usage info.

while executing

“source [file join $scriptdir “prologue.tcl”]”
(file “/home/iot2/Desktop/freedom-master/fpga-shells/xilinx/common/tcl/vivado.tcl” line 7)
INFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting vivado_lab at Sat Jul 14 15:08:43 2018… recipe for target ‘/home/iot2/Desktop/freedom-master/builds/e300artydevkit/obj/E300ArtyDevKitFPGAChip.bit’ failed
make: *** [/home/iot2/Desktop/freedom-master/builds/e300artydevkit/obj/E300ArtyDevKitFPGAChip.bit] Error 1
Help me to resolve the error

Which version of Vivado are you using?
Can you start Vivado, open the tcl console (there is a menu item to do this) and enter create_project -help to check if the command supports the -part option.

For synthesis you need a full Vivado Installation, what are you planning to do

Thank you Thomas.I had installed Vivado_Lab edition in which create project -help does not supports -part command.
So now I will try with full Vivado Installation.