Arduino code is slow

(Daniel kirubakaran) #1

I am running an example code touchpaint.ino , in the beginning it was fast and if i press the reset button the display shows grey lines alone ,some times when i pressed reset two times it worked and sometimes it was not.later when i was keep on trying the example code became slow.Even i changed to 256Mhz and ~320Mhz.It is still slow like aUNO board functioning under 16Mhz.

If i run through the pure C code from terminal Upload .It is fast as usual.

what is the problem?

why arduino code became slow?

(Daniel kirubakaran) #2

Another Doubt,

For me the touch response for touchpaint.ino code is mirrored like if i touch down it prints in the top likewise left and right.
I had read a solution from arduino forum, adding setRotation(2) before begin().It worked.
But if i want to use 1,3,4? The problem still persists.

I am using 2.8" ili9341 touch screen breakout board and stmpe610

(Michael Zaidman) #3

Perhaps you may want to take a look at the SimpleTouchscreen library that is part of the Cinco Windows package.

(Daniel kirubakaran) #4

[SOLVED] for slow arduino code.
I was using a typical Adafruit_ili9341 library.Just changed .cpp and .h files with Adafruit_ili9341_freedom-e-sdk from Adafruit_ILI9341 repo.Perfect! now.

Since i m using adafruit 2.8" inch resistive touch breakout display and stmpe610 controller.I do not know whether i could use SimpleTouchscreen library.
Thanks anyways.