Access fault for timer register?

Hi all,

I am running into an access fault when attempting to dereference the CLINT memory map timer register.

According to the FU540-C000 documentation, the memory address is 0x20bff8.

However, the following code results in an access fault.
(unsigned long long) *( (uint32_t *)0x20bff8);

Is this not the correct memory address or is it protected?

Thanks in advance.

Missing a zero? I’m assuming you want to access timer register in CLINT @ 0x200bff8

Thank you! That seemed to solve the access fault issue.

Does this mean all the addresses for the CLINT Register Map table 36, page 58 are missing a zero?

Page 58 of the fu540-c000 documentation showed 0x20bff8 as the address.

The memory map on page 30 has the correct base address for the CLINT.

thank you!