A dts file for Zephyr on QEMU (FU540)

Dear folks,

Would you mind sharing a dts file of Freedom Unleashed 540(FU540) for Zephyr v3.6.99?
I’m trying to run an ethernet device driver with DMA on top of QEMU environment, but wasn’t able to find a dts file for it.
At the moment, only uart0 is defined in the dts file(“qemu_riscv64.dts”).

Any one who has done it, please let me know how to add a relevant device tree file/header to the main zephyr repository.
Plus any comments are all welcome.
Kind regards,


You can find some dts files in freedom-e-sdk in the bsp dir. For instance
There are also some related ones in nearby directories for single core and for the actual hardware board.

I don’t know if this is what you need. I’m not an expert in this area. These files haven’t been touched in years, so may not be fully up to date. The boards hasn’t changed of course but qemu and dts standards have. There are also dts files in the linux kernel sources but those are for the hardware not qemu. I don’ t know if there are dts files in the qemu sources off hand but you could check.

I have never added files to zephyr.

Thank you Jim for the reply.
I think that core.dts file is not for Zephyr but for Linux.

I’m trying to do the same thing on RENODE, however not working either.
I’m not sure when this kind of example is working on a simulation environment.