6th RISC-V workshop

The agenda has finally been updated. Bunnie Huang is doing the keynote!


Will we see you there?!

Shanghai is on my bucket list, but I’m afraid I’ll have to enjoy this one through the videos. :slight_smile:

Yup. Now, if I can find some way to get RISC-V into a project at work, not just me playing at home… But I’m probably going to be writing compilers for this new GPU architecture for the foreseeable future… (which is interesting too)

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What I like about this picture is that it’s the blokes in suits who look uncomfortable and out of place:

The videos are starting to appear on the RISC-V YouTube channel.

Update: and on the RISC-V foundation site too.

P.S., thank you, whoever drew the straw to do this on a Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend.