What about Solar-powered Open source HPC with RISC5?


I have been thinking on how to design Solar-powered HPC platform for months. It could be very nice if it is based on RISC V…

Personally, I can draw the schematics of the whole design very fast and closely work with PCB designers. In 12 months, an HPC with hundreds of RISC5 cores powered by solar will be ready for community.

This project will be unique in many ways:

  • first solar powered HPC
  • with RISC5
  • open source
  • scalable or stand-alone

What do you think?



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Sounds great. Use KiCAD! :slight_smile:

For up to 28Ghz , is it possible?

I’m working on something very similar to this.

There’s three phases to my project and I’m currently completing phase two using ARM SOC’s, but I’ll be switching to RISC-V as soon as I can get my hands on suitable RISC-V hardware (or create my own, whichever comes first).

You can learn more about the project (and follow-along as well) on my blog here:


I have a Hackaday.io page for “Mark II” machine as well:

I don’t mention solar power in the documentation because I need to complete the ARM build to see where things fall power-consumption wise. I expect to have the Mark II machine complete within a month at which time I can do some measurements and see what it would take to power the system from the sun.

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