[Solved] SiFive Mac FreedomStudio is [NOT] corrupted

The SiFive macOS software > macOS (ttps://www.sifive.com/software) is corrupted

The FreedomStudio- is uncompressed without error to FreedomStudio folder.
But openning FreedomStudio (folder = application) give error.

On Big Sur (Mac os 11) and Sierra (Mac os 10.12) the error is:
“FreedomStudio” is damaged and can’t be opened.
You should move it to the Trash.

On Mavericks (Mac os 10.9) the error is:
An error has occurred. See the log file

Downloaded 3 times, on for each Mac OS version.

This error can happen with pre-release macOS apps that haven’t been signed by the developer. Try doing this:

Instead of deleting the App as suggested by the dialog box, open the macOS Terminal app, cd to the location where Freedom Studio is installed (typically /Applications ) and execute the following command:

xattr -cr FreedomStudio.app

Freedom Studio should now launch normally without the error.

Yes, launch without problem now.
Thank you very much.