Running or Setting up JLink debugger freezes FreedomStudio

I installed FreedomStudio on my WIN7 machine using all the available help including the long directory name instructions. I loaded the ‘Hello’ project and had no trouble compiling and producing a HEX file. I was also able to drag the HEX file to the drive window for the HiFive board and it connected and programmed the board.

The problem only has to do with trying to operate or setup the debugger. If I go to the ‘Debug Configurations’ window, select the ‘SiFive GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging’ option , and then click the ‘New Launch Configuration’ button, then FreedomStudio locks up. At that point I have to kill it in task manager. And since there aren’t any debug configurations showing in the project, of course FreedomStudio locks up when trying to run the debugger.

It feels like a setup problem but I’m not sure where to look. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi ARWells1,

Welcome to the SiFive forum!

The HiFive1 rev B has a Segger J-Link debugger integrated on board. I’ll describe the process that works for me in WIN10.

  1. Download FreedomStudio (FS) from:
  2. Install FS and connect the HiFive1 rev B.
  3. From FS select file -> new -> freedom E SDK Software Project
  4. From the dialog box select sifive-hifive1-revb as the target, select hello example program
  5. click Finish
  6. click Debug

Note that you can also open a terminal with the lowest enumerated COM value from within FS or use another terminal application in Windows to view the output of the program.

You might also check out this video of the process:

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. I did exactly what what you have in the list and in that order but at step 6, FreedomStudio locked up. I have been able to run the J-Link debugger on the command line and connect to the core. But no luck inside the IDE. I might go and delete everything and try again.



Hi ARWells1, SiFive Freedom Studio doesn’t test or explicitly support WIN7 Operating System so you you could have encountered a incompatibility with this environment.

This could be a WIN7 incompatibility issue or it could be a configuration issue. For a configuration issue you can check the debug tab under run->debug configurations…->debugger for options of ports, parameters, executable paths, etc.

If you’re able to resolve this issue please let the community know.