RISCV LLVM+Clang on Windows

(harvinder singh) #1

Hi ,
I was trying to build Riscv -V LLVM + Clang on windows .For this i took reference from following link.

After doing all the steps mentioned i was unable to get clang.exe file .So whether i have to follow other steps as well .Please suggest me for this problem.

Thank you

(Bruce Hoult) #2

This repository is an experimental work-in-progress and is being done on Linux. I don’t have time (or equipment/licenses) to test on Windows. If you’d like to you’re welcome to, but you’ll be a test pilot and need to solve any problems yourself.

If you do solve problems feel free to report what you did.

Unfortunately, in this report you haven’t made it clear what you did or what the symptoms of the problem are, so even someone who is familiar with llvm and Windows (it’s not me) doesn’t have information necessary to help you.

I’d definitely recommend that you stick to Linux, preferably Ubuntu for now. I’ve given exact instructions that can be copied&pasted on specified systems and are known to work there.

(harvinder singh) #3

Thank you for the information but after following all steps on linux as well will it create clang.exe with llvm or we have to separately clone and build it .

(Bruce Hoult) #4

It will create a linux executable, not a Windows .exe.

(harvinder singh) #5

Ok thanks ,