Removing the stock heatsink and plastic clip

I’m having cooling issues with the Hifive Unmatched, which appear to cause intermittent lock-ups. The stock heatsink is attached with a blue plastic clip. I want to remove the clip and the heatsink to replace it with something larger, but short of sawing through the plastic I can’t work out how to remove it. Is there some trick to this that I’m missing?

Any use?

There’s a little tool that you can buy for the heatsink.

If you destroy it, you can always buy another one.

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True for the heatsink but not for the Unmatched board.

Note that manipulating the heatsink may apply mechanical stress to the electrical connections of FU740 and cause them to fail. It’s also possible to get metal fragments on the board while working with metallic heatsinks which could cause short circuits on the board. There may also be other hazards related to swapping out cooling solutions for the FU740.

There are thermal sensors on Unmatched board that you could query to get a better understanding of the system temperatures. In FUSDK you can use the sensors command.