Problems using GDB

I’m using the E300 on my Arty board. Everything seems to work fine when using “make software” or “make upload” to compile and program the software.
But if I use GDB and run the “load” command I just get an error that the flash is write protected. Is load not supported or is there an error in configuration?
My other question is, if the GDB does not support the “layout” command?

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What exact command are you using?

make run_debug PROGRAM=demo_gpio

Works for me on the hifive1 but I have to kill openocd by pid later.

You can also supposedly run openocd in one terminal and gdb in another terminal, but I haven’t tried that. mwachs5 posted some instructions for that a few days ago. Problems w/ run_debug, run_openocd, run_gdb make targets w/ E300 Arty

if you want to use GDB’s load command you need to uncomment the last line of the file to lift the flash protection:


Not sure about the layout command, I’ll look into it.

I tried both, the run_debug command, but also running openocd and gdb in a separate terminal.
But with disabling the flash protection in openocd.cfg the load command is working now properly.

Thanks a lot for your help!!!