Model number of micro-USB cable?

Hello everyone
The micro usb serial port cable is lost, I want to ask what the model is, I want to buy another one。it is same with unleashed?

B’y the way ,if the USB console is not normal, can the debug information be printed from uart0(number 15)

It is a standard micro USB to USB cable. Any model will work. Yes, the unleashed uses the same type of cable as the unmatched.

I think you might need a voltage converter to use the header as it might be a 3.3V (1.8V?) line and not the 5V line that a normal serial port would want. I’m not sure of the details, I’m not a hardware hacker. But it probably isn’t worth trying to use the serial header unless the micro usb port snaps off the board and can’t be resoldered back on.

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@eden as @JimWilson mentions voltage level is relevant. A good collection of cables and information is at the tag-connect site.