Metal_spi_transfer() Crashes With A Few More PLIC Interrupts Coming In

Seems like a freedom-metal bug to me. I am creating a lot of PLIC interrupts from GPIO 23 with a 72 Hz rectangular signal. I also experimented a bit with the clock speed (does not seem to change anything). When using the aforementioned function without masking like

metal_interrupt_set_threshold(rect_sig_ic, 1);
metal_interrupt_set_threshold(rect_sig_ic, 0);

it never returns. Am I missing out on something here?

P.S.: The masking as shown above does the trick for me, which sucks just a bit, since I cannot talk to the peripheral and evaluate the sensor signal at the same time.

Okay. It was a stack overflow and thank God I found it. I doubled the stack size. The thread below was really helpful. No bug in freedom-metal!

Additional advice to find the correct linker script:

find . -iname “”