-march 'g' option?

In All Aboard, Part 1: The -march, -mabi, and -mtune arguments to RISC-V Compilers the very first example of using an -march argument shows:

$ riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc test.c -march=rv64gc -mabi=lp64d -o- -S -O3

What is the g in rv64gc? The g option isn’t described in the surrounding text anywhere.


From the RISC-V ISA manual, section 10.4:

We have also defined an abbreviation “G” to represent the “IMAFD” base and extensions, as this
is intended to represent our standard general-purpose ISA.

Thank you, @mwachs5, for the explanation!

Ideally either:

  • the ‘g’ option should be added to the blog post so its usage is understood in the example
  • the ‘g’ option should not be used in the blog post’s example (i.e. without explanation)


I’ve updated the blog on my end, but it’ll probably take a while to filter through the internet.


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Awesome! Thank you for the blog posts!