Is there a middle ground board?

(Kyle) #1

Hello! I was wondering if there is a board (existing or planned) in between the HiFive1 and the Unleashed (memory is the interesting constraint in my problem, and I’m looking for at least 32MB of RAM).

I’m in the initial stages of designing a custom laptop (I’d put up some initial thoughts here, though I’m still figuring out the best way to put my notes online). I kind of wanted to use my HiFive1, but 16K of memory is pretty tight for what I’d like to do. I was looking at the HiFive Unleashed, but the specs are a lot more than what I need and it’s out of my budget.

(Wladimir van der Laan) #2

I’m in the initial stages of designing a custom laptop (I’d put up some initial thoughts here

As far as I know, no, unfortunately ! As you say, even a HiFive1 board with 32MB of RAM would be awesome, the board is plenty fast enough for a lot of things, but the 16kB is so restrictive and this keeps coming up.

Very interested in this project. I’ve floated the idea of a SiFive Unleashed based laptop recently, but as you say, it’s expensive, and also out of production at the moment.

(Troy Benjegerdes) #4

This is unfortunate I have to revert back to a Macbook to write this, as viewing @kyle’s web page writeup was reasonably usable. However since we don’t have a native javascript V8 engine (at least in Debian), the interactive performance with web pages with a bunch of .js code is horrible, and the forum code tries to do all kinds of ‘friendly’ things which are not so friendly when you want to run them in 32MB of memory.

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So to prove a point, I booted up a HiFive Unleashed with Microsemi expansion board, and it became painfully clear that your laptop needs a text-mode web browser, as typing into this forum software with epiphany and javascript is like using 100 bits per second dialup connection

This post written on a RiscV-PC running Debian

(Wladimir van der Laan) #6

I see, this definitely needs to exist for RISC-V

nah, low-tech has its charms too