I2cdetect command does not works on fu540 board

Hello there,

I’m trying to validate i2c communication using i2c-tools.

When i give the command i2cdetect -l it shows for i2c- busses, but when i use the command i2cdetect -y 0 to bus-scan it doesn’t show the slave address on bus, it is not able to detect the slave, apart from that it causes cpu stalls and system goes to hang. What could be the problem here?

Could it be the problem because of the I2C controller command IACK (interrupt acknowledge) does not work as it is mentioned in fu540 manual.

Hi Rashmi and welcome to the forums.

Checking the schematic, I don’t see any devices connected to I2C on the HiFive Unleashed other than the 96boards expansion connector which will not respond to an I2C master (unless there’s an expansion board with an I2C slave installed).

The schematics are here and I see the connection on pp3.

With the 2020.05.00 release of the freedom-u-sdk. I see:

root@freedom-u540:~# i2cdetect -l
root@freedom-u540:~# i2cdetect -y 0
Error: Could not open file /dev/i2c-0' or /dev/i2c/0’: No such file or directory