How to use Jtag with openocd on HiFive Unleashed Board


i want use openocd with help of Jtag, up to my knowledge Jtag is present in U-540 board as shown in the picture ,

, so i think we don’t need buy external j-tag hardware, if am wrong please correct me.

If no need buy then how can i use those pins as i circled in the picture with openocd.

Can anyone help me to know more about openocd with j-tag.

Thanks in advance .
Ghalib khan.

OpenOCD normally uses JTAG via the FTDI USB to serial/JTAG interface chip located next to the USB port and the JTAG header.

If you wish, you can purchase and use a separate JTAG interface but there is usually no big advantage to doing so. I haven’t tried it with the Unleashed but I think the very common Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H should work.