Hotplug NVME

Is it possible to hotplug an NVME drive on the unmatched? I have an NVME which I messed up so the system will no longer boot unless I remove it. Can I hotplug it after the system boots up from sd card in order to wipe it clean?

I was in a similar situation a month or two ago and the general consensus I got from an internet search was that hotplugging a nvme drive is generally not a good idea. I recommend installing it in another computer to wipe it and getting a drive enclosure in case of future incidents.

When you see the message that says hit any key to stop autoboot, hit any key, and then type “run bootcmd_mmc0” which will force a boot from the sdcard. If you do this, it is not necessary to remove the nvme card when it is messed up.

This is documented in the HiFive Unleashed SW Reference Manual on the web site.