HiFive RevB startup.s location?



I’m a new user to the HiFive board and I’m part of a team of students working on a project to port a racing drone OS called CleanFlight to the HiFive Revb board (for a proof of concept for Risk-V things). I’ve been using Freedom Studio to mess around with the board a bit and haven’t been able to locate the assembly language file or something similar to a Startup.s which should handle bringing the board up at power on and direct it to look to a specific place in memory for a user loaded program, setup the stack, the interrupt handler and other things.

Does anyone know where such a file is located, or if for some reason there is no equivalent on this board have an explanation as to why?

Thank you!

(Nick Knight) #2

Hi Cosmic,

Assuming you’re using the Freedom Metal library, the following two files have some relevant details:

Feel free to ask follow-up questions. Thanks for trying out the Freedom platform!

Nick Knight