GPIO Loopback

(MIke Field) #21

Regarding Licensing for the Xilinx EDA tools, Xilinx have started giving access to much more under the free “Webpack” license, making the vouchers (nearly) worthless when using the newer toolsets.

For the old ‘ISE’ tool suite (used with Spartan 3 & Spartan 6), it gives you access to the virtual logic analyzer, allowing you to probe the internals of the design, and removed a limit on the simulator when running large designs, so still has utility.

For the newer Vivado tools suite (Used with Zynq, Artix-7 (like on the Arty devboard) and other 7 series parts), all of that is included, so license vouchers are only needed if the FPGA you are using is not available under the Webpack license.

(Rakesh) #22

Hello every one, i am just started with sifive hifive 1 board, when i started i always start used to start with simple LED blinking code ,i got the out put while using for Aurdino IDE ,if i want to do changes in Lower levell code , i am failing to blink an LED, when i do changes all other port will get high (2.5V) i dont know why its happening ,please let me know this issue i am a student need to learn by doing trial and error help me with the code and configuration of GPIO

(Bruce Hoult) #23

You should probably make a new thread, not resurrect a two year old one. I see I hadn’t even received my HiFive1 then and was jealous of @hamster (who I now guess is hamster_nz on an aussie forum that I wasn’t a member of yet then). I liked the board (and future prospects) so much I joined the company!

Anyway, are you aware that the Arduio pin numbers are different from the SoC physical pin numbers? This is true on AVR Arduios as well.

See the illustration on the last page of the HIFive1 Getting Started document.


At this point, everybody’s a hobbyist. There are very few serious companies allowing their employees to explore RISC-V but that tactic doesn’t work the way it did back in the day. The workflow and thought processes toward a target are all pretty much generic by now and everybody has to learn to walk so I’m waiting to learn from your mistakes. Hop to it! :slight_smile:

(Rakesh) #25

Hello bruce ,
i want to configure the UART for Sifive-Hifive board, in lower source code can you just guide me how can i do .