Freedom-u-sdk generating non-working bbl file

(Jack) #1

I did the instructions from freedom-u-sdk github to generate a bbl file for the hifive unleashed board, yet after I flash the bbl to the first partition it does not boot. I’m using ubuntu 16.04 as recommended and using the riscv toolchain to compile it. The problem seems to be that the generated bbl file is not a filesystem… I can’t mount it to see files such as uEnv.txt…

This image has been generated for an ISA of rv64imafdc and an ABI of lp64d
Find the SD-card image in work/bbl.bin
Program it with: dd if=work/bbl.bin of=/dev/sd-your-card bs=1M

Thank you!

(Jim Wilson) #2

boot2 is probably a reference to the boot2 line in the u-boot uEnv.txt file which should be in the dos filesystem on the first partition. You can find it in conf/uEnv.txt in the source tree. I’m not an expert on this stuff though so I don’t know the details of how this works.

(Troy Benjegerdes) #3

The “Environment import failed” message indicates U-boot is (probably) unable to load uEnv.txt off the first MSdos partition (“Vfat Boot”) on the SDcard.

Before that is a “Unrecognized filesystem type”, can you verify you have the ‘mtools’ utility installed, and/or that it exists in the buildroot install?

Buildroot is supposed to build the ‘mtools’ utilities to creat the MSdos filesystem, however it could be trying to use /usr/sbin/mtools which may not exist unless you’ve installed it manually.