Booting Unmatched without the console USB connected

It seems that the Unmatched won’t boot unless the serial console is connected to something. I have a GPU on it so I no longer need the serial console and would like to boot without it. I see no u-boot logs or anything when I attempt to boot without it connected, which makes me think it’s happening at the firmware level. Is it possible to boot without anything connected to the console USB?

A few other things I’ve tried:

  • Plugging in the console USB 2 seconds after boot: this works!
  • Plugging in the console USB 7 seconds after boot: this leads to a u-boot shell after connecting it and sending keypresses.
  • Plugging the console USB into one of the USB-A ports on the Unmatched: this also works.

Other details:

  • The board is version 3 (HF105-ASSY-3A0)
  • Operating system is Ubuntu 21.04
  • GPU is AMD RX580 and works fine when USB console is connected
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This is a known problem on pre-production version boards (HF105-ASSY-3A0) sent to eco-system partners. There has been a minor hardware change which fixes this issue.

The production version boards (HF105-ASSY-3B0) shipped to our distributors for end customers have the required change and shouldn’t see this issue on the boards they receive.

Thanks for the update! In that case I’ll hack something simple together to keep plugged into it.