Boot testing issues

So… I’m testing the install media for FreeBSD. If I have a blank NVMe and my USB stick, everything works just fine.

But since I’m doing this over and over with different parameters — testing, y’know — I need to boot from the USB preferably. The following are issues:

  1. only the top left USB seems to work. Fails with errors I didn’t write down otherwise.
  2. run bootcmd_usb0 complains that I need to run “usb start” first.
  3. running “usb start” complains that no USB are found.
  4. even after running the “usb start” that fails, “run bootcmd_usb0” fails.

heh… replying to my own post. Apparently, I need to run “pci enum” first… can’t find any documentation on it, but a friend told me it was necessary.

The patch that added the feature explains it a little.

The upper left USB port is the one that is directly connected to the asmedia pci switch. The other three go through a usb hub. So some things do work better with the upper left port than the other three ports.

So … does this mean I should be loading the SDCARD with some other image? I’m using the image that came with the unit.