What has changed in the FSBL?

Current instructions for the freedom-u-sdk suggest changing the jumpers on the SiFIve Unleashed board so that FSBL is read from the MMC instead of SPI NAND. A new version is built as part of the process.

e.g. https://github.com/sifive/freedom-u-sdk#running-on-hardware

I haven’t really dared do this yet (since Fedora’s opensbi u-boot image seems to work without). But I’m just curious, what has changed since that makes this necessary?

Our meta-sifive layer includes the freedom-u540-c000-bootloader repo which puts the ZSBL/FSBL on the SDCard. I don’t know if it is actually necessary to do this. It is probably friendly to free/open source types that don’t like running hidden bootloader software. This way all of the code you are running is on the SDcard.

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Yes it is, and in the longer run I’m going to do this anyhow, for that reason. But I wondered if there was some immediate necessity (e.g. subtle changes in HW/SW interface that were going to bite me). Thanks for the info.

I’ve successfully changed my board to FSBL-from-SD mode, it worked first time

And it worked.

The only difference I’ve noticed yet is that the FSBL now prints dots to the UART while loading the next payload (OpenSBI+u-boot), which is convenient.