What happened to forksand and the 3d printed case for the unleashed?

I used to browse code.forksand.com for cool sifive related stuff, but it seems that none of the links actually work now. I realize posting here about a third party site is kinda stupid, but there was a case I printed from there a while back. I printed it and had questions about it for the creator, but he disappeared I guess. Does anyone know of any other 3d printable cases for the unleashed?

The stuff is still there if you fix the URLs by hand, e.g.

I think he is still around, but his focus has changed to doing COVID-19 work.

I don’t know if there are other 3d printable cases for the unleashed.

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Any use?


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Thanks! I will probably try that one. I already have the forksand one printed, though. Apparently, @jimw is right and I could just manually fix the links so I downloaded the repo and am working on getting the parts required to assemble it. I wish he would’ve included some notes on how to assemble it though because it is confusing for a software scrub like myself to put together.