VCU118 U500 Implementation

(ZhuXuanlong) #1

I have a bare vcu118 board. There are no other sub card and PMOD. I commented out the following code:
//val fmc = Overlay(PCIeOverlayKey) (new PCIeVCU118FMCOverlay (_, _, ))
//val edge = Overlay(PCIeOverlayKey) (new PCIeVCU118EdgeOverlay (
, _, _))

Execute makefile of “Makefile.vcu118-u500devkit” to compile bit file, but after downloading, the uart has no output.
The version of vivado in the compilation environment is 2018.2.
Thank you.

(ZhuXuanlong) #2

I added ILA to vivado project to catch the signal. Here I only catch io_cpu_npc in class FrontendModule, and the result is as shown in the figure.

That is, the PC address has been cycling between 0000000000 and 0000000010.

Please help to analyze the reason, thank you!