UART1 (ESP32-SOLO-1) is not display some charactors

Kit : HiFive1 Rev.B


At first time I turned on the power, UART1 worked great.

But now it is not working

UART0 is still working, and It seems that ESP32-SOLO-1 has no problem due to UART0 message (see below)


But when I connect UART1 in PC Application, UART0 is also stopped.

What is problem with this Kit? J-link OB Cause issue this problem?


Hi HKChoi,

Welcome to the forums. Please make sure you have the latest J-Link drivers installed on your host machine.

You can find the latest J-Link drivers at:

Did you program the HiFive1 rev B board with a program that doesn’t produce serial output? You could try reprogramming the board with a program from FreedomStudio that has serial output such as a hello program.