Sifive blocks GPIO in zynq top module


I want to toggle Zedboard LEDs using the GPIO scala.

Could you please provide some pointers to how I can include a GPIO into the top FPGA module please ?

Top FPGA module:

class FPGAZynqTop(q: Parameters) extends BaseTop(q)
    with PeripheryBootROM with PeripheryCoreplexLocalInterrupter
    with PeripherySerial with PeripheryMasterMem {
  override lazy val module = Module(
    new FPGAZynqTopModule(p, this, new FPGAZynqTopBundle(p)))

class FPGAZynqTopBundle(p: Parameters) extends BaseTopBundle(p)
  with PeripheryBootROMBundle with PeripheryCoreplexLocalInterrupterBundle
  with PeripheryMasterMemBundle with PeripherySerialBundle

class FPGAZynqTopModule(p: Parameters, l: FPGAZynqTop, b: => FPGAZynqTopBundle)
  extends BaseTopModule(p, l, b)
  with PeripheryBootROMModule with PeripheryCoreplexLocalInterrupterModule
  with PeripheryMasterMemModule with PeripherySerialModule
  with HardwiredResetVector with DirectConnection with NoDebug