What are the GPIO registers of HiFive1?
like What are the Configuration registers and data registers for HiFive.?
ex. In STM
GPIOx_MODER is the configuration register.
GPIO_IDR & GPIO_ODR is the data register.

Aren’t they explained here?

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But these documents are not as easy as STM or Arduino

Why don’t you use the SDK, it has APIs for GPIO

No, they’re not really explained there. The GPIO registers are listed in a table, but the exact function of each, along with the bit encodings, is missing.

This is frustrating. I’ve got the Sparkfun Red-V board, and to get it to blink one of the LEDs on the board, I had to guess how the GPIO registers worked. I eventually got it working, but I shouldn’t have had to guess!

If SiFive wants to play in the professional MCU marketplace, they’re going to have to step up and write a REAL user manual, not the extremely terse sorry excuse for a manual they have. The GPIO section in the manual is five pages long, and the ENTIRE manual is 116 pages! When’s the last time you’ve seen an MCU User’s Manual with less than a thousand pages? Not in a long time.

Agreed. I’m realizing this whilst attempting to find more information on the FE310 I2C module. I’m trying to find how to call the I2C registers to send and receive and parse data. The “datasheet” points you to the OpenCores spec but that does not help me find what I need on the FE310 :wink:

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