Porting existing project to U540

Dear all,

I have a customized boot-loader and kernel.
During development, I’ve used Qemu for simulating the system and now I’m trying to port everything to a U540-Board.

I flashed the SD-card in this way: sudo dd if=bbl of=/dev/sdb1 (bbl includes kernel and file system)
The boot loader gets executed but the execution is not transferred to the kernel.

Any ideas how the problem can be fixed?


You need to try debugging it. Perhaps by adding some printf statements to track progress through the code. Or maybe using jtag to try to see what is happening.

using printfs I know that the bl is executed and right before starting kernel the execution crashes.
As mentioned, on Qemu everything works fine.

check with the kernel load address or your kernel may be crashed build image one more time.

Might want to doublecheck that the PMP programming is valid. We’ve observed that some images boot fine on QEMU, but not hardware, if the PMP isn’t programmed correctly. There’s probably a difference between how the PMP model in QEMU and what runs on the FU540.