Performance of HiFive1 vs fpga dev kits

Does anybody have an estimate on the performance of the HiFive1 vs the fpga dev kits? Both the E300 Arty, and the U500 VC707 when executing the same 32 bit code.

I would like to know how the 3 compare with each other in terms of basic performance.


Since I have not yet received my HiFive1, I am using the Arty. Running dhrystone on the Arty appears to be a bit faster (in terms of DMIPS per MHz) than the reported results for the HiFive1. See this link: But the Arty apparantly can only be running stable at max. 65 MHz, whereas the HiFive1 can run at much higher speeds:

Running whetstone (floating point operations), the Arty seems to be much slower than the HiFive1 (again, in terms of MIPS per MHz) :

I don’t have a VC707 (busts my budget), but I would expect it to outperform both in all respects. (At it’s price of well over $3K, it most certainly should!)

Ah, thanks! Reading through those links, here is a summary of the best numbers I could find:


  • 320 MHz;
  • CoreMark: 728.10 iterations per second;
  • 746268.6 Dhrystones per second;


  • 65 MHz;
  • CoreMark: 130.28 iterations per second;
  • 183486.2 Dhrystones per second;

It really helps to see them side by side. Now I just need to find the numbers for the VC707;