Migrate old projects to Freedom Studio 2019.08


I am trying to migrate my old project to Freedom Studio 2019.08, but there are some issues with the migration schedule.
The old project was created by Freedom Studio 20180116. When I import it into Freedom Studio 2019.08, the contents of the "C / C ++ Build-> Settings-> Tool Settings’’ page is empty in the project properties. Then I created a new configuration for this project, but the content of the “Tool Settings” page is different from the one in Freedom Studio 20180116. I can’t find the following configuration settings:

  1. Target Processor Architecture
  2. Target Processor Integer ABI
  3. Target Processor Floating point ABI
  4. Options for “Create Flash Image”
  5. Options for “Create Listing”
  6. Options for “Print Size”

How do I add these options to Freedom Studio 2019.08? Is there a migration tool available?