Looking to buy your HiFive Unmatched

If anybody here has a HiFive Unmatched they would consider selling, please message me or post below.

Thank you.

I could be persuaded to consider it. I have not had time to do what I was going to with it. I’ll erase and install the latest Freedom U SDK on the SD card, and put it all back in the box. It works fine, and I have hardly used it.

I have purchased and would include:

  • SiFive Unmatched board: $665
  • Used AMD Radeon 6450 PCIe video card: $12
  • Aftermarket high profile bracket for video card: $8
  • Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB M.2 SSD: $160
  • Digifast M.2 2280 SSD premium heatsink: $15
  • Total: $860

I won’t include the case and power supply. You can do better than what I got. I recommend something with sound dampening.

If anyone wants them, I also purchased for it and would offer optionally:

  • ASUS ROG 90-degree PCIe x16 3.0 riser cable: $28
  • 2 extra SanDisk 32GB Ultra Plus microSDHC Cards, still in sealed packages: $14 each

I also have a generic 90-degree PCIe riser cable that came with the small case I bought. It has the opposite orientation of the ASUS one. I can include it free with any of the above if desired.

These are the prices I paid, plus another $70 or so in tax and shipping. I will consider any offers.

Sorry for the late response. Do you still have your board for sale? I’d be interested in the whole lot (board, GPU, GPU bracket, SSD, SSD heatsink, 90 degree adapter, SD cards)

Would you consider selling it all at a discount?