Incorrect include directories (paths) in FreedomStudio-Linux_x86_64-20170616?

When I import or build the bundled projects for the HiFive1 I get include directory warnings. When I check the demo_gpio project, I think that I find a logical explanation: the include directories are defined twice; once correctly (e.g. bsp/drivers), and once incorrectly (e.g. …/…/…/bsp/drivers). The projects still seem to build correctly, so I guess one just has to remove the offending paths from the projects. When I open an Eclipse project file located in the archive with a text editor, I see some “PARENT-3-PROJECT_LOC/bsp/”… paths that seem to confirm my theory.

Additional information, after having built the same examples from Freedom-E-SDK: the path issue in that case is exactly the opposite. So it looks like both sets of Eclipse projects include the local and the relative paths, when they only should include those that are relevant for that particular setting.

As mentioned these are just warnings, the projects still build.

Best regards,
Alain Mosnier

Hi Alain, Great observations :slight_smile:

This was done as both the Freedom-E-SDK projects and the bundled zip projects are created from the same source though with different paths. This reduces a step when exporting the examples as zips. Understood this is not ideal, and we are looking into better ways to automate the process for future releases.