How to start from WSL


I’m using Win10 system, How can I develop at platform of Windows Subsystem for Linux, I try to explore by myself, but it does not work until now

(Bruce Hoult) #2

Presumably, that means you can just follow the Linux instructions?

However I haven’t tried it, and I don’t think anyone here will have. Tell us anything you discover!

(Meadhbh Hamrick) #3

Sadly, WSL does not export the same device interface consumed by libusb, so openocd can’t be used without modification. That being said, I was able to load the linux version of both FREEDOM-E-SDK and FreedomStudio (after installing the Xming X Server.) I was able to compile, but not run GDB in the RISCV specific binutils, and the compiler seemed to work.

But ultimately, I couldn’t connect openocd to the HiFive1 board or get gdb to run reliably.