Freedom Studio windows version problem

I want to develop program on the windows 7 system.
I install the Freedom Studio v20170504 version.
I follow the guide to build the blinky project
I encounter the below error.
“D:\Tools\FreedomStudio-20170504-Win_x86_64\FreedomStudio\bin\riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc” (in directory “D:\Tools\FreedomStudio-20170504-Win_x86_64\FreedomStudio\eclipse\workspace\Blinky\Debug”): CreateProcess error=216, 此版的 %1 與您執行的 Windows 版本不相容。請檢查電腦的系統資訊,以查看您需要 x86 (32 位元) 或 x64 (64 位元) 版的程式,然後連絡軟體發行者。

Could anyone give any suggestion?
Or the best way to develop on the Windows system is to use virtual machine or cygwin.

I had the same problm reported here . The Linux version in a virtual machine seems to work better.

Thanks for your information!