Freedom Studio on Linux - Getting Started instructions out of date

(Taylor Alexander) #1

I’ve just backed the new HiFive board on crowdsupply.

I’ve downloaded the Freedom Studio package from here:

I’ve downloaded the Freedom Studio documentation from here:

That links to this file:

Note that the PDF manual is dated from December, but Freedom Studio got a big update in March according to this post:

I’ve extracted the .tar archive and executed the FreedomStudio executable and set up a workspace.

The manual says:

However the folder SiFive/Examples does not exist, and I did not see zip files for any platfom nearby. According to the blog post, all this stuff changed last month, but it looks like a change in documentation is needed. At this point, I haven’t figured out how to import examples or compile them. I also do not see the new project dialog touted in the blog post:

Can we get some updated “Getting Started” instructions for the new Freedom Studio? I am unable to compile with the IDE for now, and my board may ship soon. I hope I can have this resolved before it arrives.