Freedom Studio memory dump window default cell

How to change the “default” (4 bytes) memory cell in the memory browser ?
I use only 1 bytes or 8 bytes cell and each time I use the memory dump window I need to change the cell size in the popup button.

Hi Alain,

Unfortunately this is a shortcoming of the default Memory View implementation in Eclipse. Freedom Studio currently inherits the Memory View as-is from the base Eclipse platform. Right now I do not have a good solution to this problem.

I think a real solution to this is complicated since each rendering can have its own “size” and so persiting the setting would need to be tied to a specific rendering, but renderings a not well qualified. For instance I can have two (or more) renderings opened showing the same address space (say $pc), but in two (or more) different sizes (say 1 and 8). Which one should be persisted? There is no good answer. So they just default to 4.

Unmatched is 64 bits so the “natural” size is 8 bytes not 4.
And who work with 32 bits computer now ?
I understand that is not easy to remember the size for each rendering
but remember a default size between Freedom Studio seem easy…

Thank you for the explanation.