Freedom studio IDE cant debug

(Kanika) #1


I opened a project using File-> Open Projects from File System but I am not able to build or debug the project. It says there are no recent launches. What am I missing? Any help would be great.

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(Carsten Gosvig) #2

If you want to use projects and launches from another workspace, you need to export your launch configurations from that workspace, and then import them into the new workspace.

(Anton Krug) #3

Before exporting the launchers make sure they are set as shared, go to ‘Common’ tab and the ‘Save as’ should be set as ‘Shared file’, which then can place the file into the project and will get exported. Often the launchers can be set to the ‘Local file’ which will make the launcher stay in the workspace and export/import will not transfer them. Hope that helps.

(Carsten Gosvig) #4

You don’t have to make sure they are shared before exporting them.

Just go to the ‘File’ -> ‘Export …’ menu, and select ‘Run/Debug’ -> ‘Launch Configurations’, and then select the Launch Config’s you want to export.

When importing, then go the ‘File’ -> ‘Import …’ way instead.