FPGA-PCIe Programming

Hi all,
I am trying to program Programmable Acceleration Card on RISC-V Hifive Sifive Unmatched Board through PCI express.I have built and compiled OPAE(Open Programmable Acceleration Engine) files on RISC-V CPU.I am trying to acquire information related to FPGA but facing errors I am attaching the screenshot of the error.Kindly help

What FPGA? Presumably you need a driver for it from the vendor.

I am using Intel Arria 10 GX programmable acceleration card

lspci shows the device? lsmod lists the kernel module containing the driver?

Quick Start Guide — OPAE seems to suggest you need a custom kernel, even

lspci command is showing the device attached,can you suggest commands to run based on lsmod

Hi all,
Thank you for the valuable suggestion.The kernel version available on RISC-V Board is 5.13.0-1004-generic.I am unable to install OPAE-drivers.Kindly suggest any solution for the problem