Forum software is extremely annoying

This forum software is appalling.

The problem is the multiple pop-ups which you have to deal with while trying to make posts. It’s fabulously annoying.

MIPS use it too for their Ci20 forum.

That’s strange. On Chrome on Ubuntu I just get a little panel that slides up from the bottom of the window, containing a form with a menu for the category for the new post and fields for the subject and contents and a preview of the formatted message.

It’s just the same for the reply I’m typing now, except for no subject field or category menu.

What are you using?


When I make a new post, there’s a dialog telling me how to post.

When I enter the title, there’s a second dialog, telling me what other posts are like my post.

I clear coookies when my browser quits, for privacy, so it happens every time I log in and post. A lot of web-sites don’t think about usering reset cookies and what happens to those users.

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