Dirty Board


I received a HiFive1 recently and noticed that there is some dried flux residue on the board.
I am sharing photos in hopes that your production process is reevaluated.

Thanks for the feedback, we will notify our manufacturing partner. If you would like us to swap a new board, please email us at info@sifive.com and we’ll figure it out.

Hi Megan,

my SiFive1 also had some residue in the same area (near the USB adapter), but much less extreme. I quite easily cleaned it up with a tooth pick and cotton swab. Actually, I had at first suspected that it was due to some rework done on a returned unit, but now I suspect that less.

I took a second look at the reverse side where the USB connector is seated, and it seems clear that in my case it was indeed some after-production rework:

Thanks for the offer. No need for a new board. This one works fine so far. A little Isopropyl Alcohol cleaned it right up.