Creating C++ classes not reconized

Has anyone tried writing C++ classes. I started porting all of my C++ based i2c drivers of various boards and the compiler is not recognizing the “class” keyword. I noticed that all of their sample is “C” based.

C++ tool change missing

Are you using the GCC toolchain from SiFive? To enable C++ you can reference this public example: GitHub - sifive/hellocpp: A hello example for C++ program

Hi @ds4279 it’s interesting, though when working with small microcontrollers and SoC, I always try to do my abstractions with basic C terms like struct's of pointers to functions, and the basic core principles of OO. A bit more work, surely, but it keeps everything transparent and closely aware of all of the hardware lurking underneath.

The file example does not work on the latest release. Does anyone have a full file they can send. with the required c++

I am currently using MBED which has a small memory footprint and runs C++ fine. But I need a faster micro controller. The idea of converting over a dozen c++ modules to c using structs will be too time consuming.